About Us

Created by Estrelita Gracia in August 2019,
MOMENTIZING is a platform that focuses on
mental health for global citizens. MOMENTIZING
aims to enable global citizens overcome their
cultural adjustment issues better. We provide
informative mental health resources through
discussion forum, support groups, and
counseling services.

Social isolation, personality adjustment, cultural
assimilation, and identity development are parts
of the cultural adjustment issues that we may
experience when we live abroad.


Enable global citizens to create
amazing and memorable memories
while experiencing global relationships.



  • Provide information and consultation
    services about global relationship

  • Share cross-cultural personal experience

  • Raise awareness on the importance of
    building cultural identity


We believe through these
values, diversity can be the
ultimate attractiveness in
building global friendships. We
believe the interconnected
world nowadays can offer a
collection of memorable
moments once we are willing to
learn how embrace foreignness.


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 momentizing@gmail.com  |  Phone:  +886 - 958 575 465

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